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1980 年米国アリゾナ州・フェニックス生まれ。 高校に入学するまでにアリゾナ・ヤマハ・ピアノ・コンクールを含む 10 以上のクラシック・ピアノ・コン クールで優勝する。高校ではジャズクラブでバンド活動を始め、ジャズの才能を開花させる。 アリゾナ州立大学へ入学後の 2000 年、ジャズ作曲コンクールなどで絶賛され、2007 年には、「COLE PORTER JAZZ PIANO FELLOWSHIP」のファイナリストの一人に選ばれる。


2009 年 来日後、TOKU のバックなど、ジャズ・ピアニストとして活躍。




2017 年 10 月4日、いくつものオファーを断り、より自由に自身が求める演奏の世界を具現化した最新録 音盤を、あえて自主制作でリリース。人気 TV 番組の"ピアノ王決定戦"で優勝し、一躍注目を集めた実力派 イケメン・ピアニストの魂の一作...それが『CINEMATIC PIANO ADVENTURE』だ。




I started playing piano when I was 4 because my older brother played and I wanted to do whatever he did. I won a bunch of classical competitions but didn’t really get into music until I joined my high school jazz band. More than the actual genre of jazz, it was the freedom of improvisation that I couldn’t get enough of.


I studied jazz and classical piano at Arizona State University and took a bunch of lessons with some amazing pianists like Fred Hersch, Kenny Werner and Uri Caine.


I worked as a full time gigging jazz musician for a long time but I don’t think I found my true calling until moving to Japan. A month after I moved here I lucked into my first job arranging 15 songs for a solo piano album. The CD sold really well and more arranging projects came my way. Over a few year period I came to realize that arranging, composing and teaching was my true calling so I quit playing gigs and dedicated my time to those three things.


I released my own CD’s on several labels in Japan including Colombia and Universal Records. Although, the opportunity was great for my artistic development I didn’t agree with their sales approach so I formed my own label and publishing company in 2017 so I could do things my way.


It has taken me a while to figure out what I want to do but I am having a blast arranging all kinds of different songs, making videos, releasing sheet music books etc.

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